Here at The Couture Surgeon, we are expanding our client base and are excited to offer our comprehensive aesthetic services to residents of the Paramus, NJ, area! 

Our office, led by Dr. Julie Ferrauiola, specializes in both surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures. We have experience treating thousands of clients around the NJ area and are ready to offer you the same patient-centered care!

Here are just a few of the services we offer:


  • Fillers – Contour the face, improve symmetry, and plump the lips with a premier selection of filler options! Restylane™ and Juvederm™ are two of our most popular fillers.
  • Botox™ – Smooth wrinkles, relieve tension, and even reduce excess sweating with the popular neuromodulator Botox™.
  • Dermaplaning – The easiest and quickest way to remove hair and dead skin cells, leaving behind a bright complexion.
  • Zaffiro™ Laser – Renew and rejuvenate the skin with laser treatments, including the top option on the market – Zaffiro™.
  • Aquagold Facial – Embrace clearer, luminous skin with a luxury facial option. Aquagold Facial combines microneedling with a custom cocktail infusion using 24-karat gold needles. 


  • Blepharoplasty – Reduce the appearance of sagging upper eyelids and under-eye bags. Blepharoplasty is a multifunctional surgical treatment that helps achieve a refreshed and revitalized appearance.
  • Body Contouring – Following significant weight loss, there is a tendency for sagging skin to be left behind. Body contouring procedures come in many forms to lift and tighten the skin; liposuction, arm lift, and excess skin removal are a few examples.
  • Abdominoplasty – Also known as a tummy tuck, abdominoplasty involves the removal of excess fat and skin around the belly, along with a tightening of the underlying muscles. 
  • Breast Augmentation/Lift – Enhance and change the size and shape of the breasts with breast augmentation surgery – done either as a standalone or in combination with a breast lift.
  • Women’s Services – Labiaplasty is a short surgical procedure that improves the appearance and function of a woman’s external genitals. 

The Couture Surgeon – Paramus

The Couture Surgeon helps patients achieve real yet natural results. If you’re looking for a cosmetic surgeon’s office that will put your needs first, then call us today!

We are excited to help you realize your cosmetic and aesthetic goals!