Bergen County

The Couture Surgeon is proud to offer our top-rated services to clients of the Bergen County, NJ area! If you’re looking for the best in both medical aesthetics and cosmetic surgery, our Ridgewood office offers a variety of options.

We offer both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures depending on your specific needs. 

Here are some of the services we provide:


  • Fillers & Neuromodulaters – Choose from a variety of different fillers and neuromodulators, including Juvederm™, Restylane™, Botox™, and Dysport™ (just to name a few!)
  • Chemical Peels – Reveal fresher, brighter, and rejuvenated skin with chemical peels created using customized formulations.
  • Laser Treatments – Enhance your complexion and heal damaged skin with Zaffiro™ laser treatments.
  • Microneedling – Stimulate collagen and elastin production with microneedling, both as a standalone treatment and in combination with PRP.
  • Customized Skincare – Medical-grade skincare products are the best option for those looking to see effective results. Customize your skincare regimen with a variety of products available in-office.


  • Rhinoplasty – Whether for cosmetic or functional reasons, rhinoplasty and septoplasty procedures are two of our most popular options.
  • Chin Implant – Sharpen the jawline and enhance your natural features; a chin implant is a simple procedure that offers real results.
  • Breast Augmentation – Whether you’re seeking a subtle change or a noticeable enhancement, change the size and shape of the breasts with breast augmentation.
  • Liposuction – Get rid of unwanted fat in many different body areas, including the belly, arms, legs, and waist.
  • Abdominoplasty – Remove excess fat and skin around the belly and tighten the underlying muscles for a fit and toned result.

The Couture Surgeon – Bergen County

If you’re looking to enhance your natural features while becoming the best version of yourself, we’re ready to be your partner in achieving your cosmetic goals. Not sure which procedure is the right one for you? Book a consultation with a member of our team!

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