How To Take Care Of Yourself After Getting a Breast Augmentation

breast augmentation

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According to the statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, breast augmentation has been among the top 5 cosmetic surgeries in the U.S for more than a decade now. 

It is more commonly referred to as a ‘boob job’ and can help increase the fullness of your breasts, restore volume lost due to aging, weight changes and/or breastfeeding, and help achieve an overall more feminine contour. 

Read on to learn more. 

What Is Breast Augmentation Surgery?

A breast augmentation (aka breast enlargement or ‘boob job’) is a cosmetic surgery that aims to enhance your natural breast size and shape.
The most common method for performing a breast augmentation surgery involves inserting silicone or saline breast implants. Other methods include a breast fat transfer often requiring multiple surgeries to achieve the aesthetic goal. For some women, a breast lift acts as a complement procedure to achieve a perky breast with a good nipple position.

What Happens During A Breast Augmentation Procedure?

breast augmentation procedure 2To begin, a good surgeon will always ask for your aesthetic goals and medical history. Once the initial physical examination is done, they will help you determine the right type and size of implant, as well as the location of the incision. 

During the procedure, an incision is made in one of three positions (i.e. around the nipple aka periareolar, under the fold of your breast aka inframammary, or in the armpit aka transaxillary region). The next step is to create a pocket either under the chest muscle or over it to contain the implant. Once the implant is in position, the incision is then closed up with stitches. 

The entire procedure usually takes less than an hour to complete.

Aftercare For Breast Augmentation Procedures

The recovery process after breast augmentation surgery can vary from patient to patient, depending on how strong their chest muscles are, their pain tolerance, and other factors.  

Similarly, the best aftercare practices might also vary for different patients, and only a well-trained surgeon should be consulted in this case. Generally, it is recommended that:

  1. Strictly follow all the aftercare instructions laid out by your surgeon.  
  2. Take all prescribed medications (such as pain regimens or antibiotics) on time as they reduce post-surgical discomfort and the risk of infections. 
  3. Although most people can go back to their normal routine within a week, the weeks following surgery are not the time to start an Iron Man training routine.
  4. Some surgeons may also advise against having sex for at least 2 weeks after the surgery. 
  5. It is advisable to sleep on your back for at least 6 weeks and to use support pillows if possible. 
  6. Wearing a sports bra or an elastic bandage for at least a week can provide additional external support and reduce the risk of swelling. No underwire bras until 6 weeks post-op.
  7. Avoid lifting anything that weighs over 10 pounds for at least 2 weeks as this might increase the risk of bleeding at the incision site.
  8. Keep the incision site clean and change your dressings as per your surgeon’s instructions.  

The key to achieving the best results with breast augmentation procedures depends on choosing the right surgeon and religiously following their aftercare instructions, including keeping follow-up appointments. 

Our expert surgeon at The Couture Surgeon, Dr. Ferrauiola takes time to understand her patient’s aesthetic desires and goals so she can provide each one with the best breast augmentation procedure to boost their self-confidence. 

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How To Take Care Of Yourself After Getting a Breast Augmentation