5 Reasons To Get Botox for Summer

summer and botox

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It’s almost summer! That means not only is it summer selfie season, but also wedding season. Botox sets the benchmark as a solution to relaxing and diminishing fine lines and wrinkles that you don’t want to welcome anytime, but especially not in the summer. It performs wonders by effectively reducing and preventing unwanted signs of aging on your face. 

Benefits of Botox

Botox is an in-demand treatment that is known for the following benefits:

  • Prevents new wrinkles, folds and fine lines that you get from facial expressions botox areas
  • Smooths and softens frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead lines that you already have
  • Gives a lift to your eyebrows
  • Can create a more heart shaped face 
  • Decreases the “orange peel” look of your chin
  • Lifts some sagging corners of your mouth and creates the appearance of a slight plump of your upper lip
  • Reduce the lines in your neck
  • Treat migraines and TMJ pain
  • Treat excessive sweating

5 Reasons Why Botox Is Perfect for Summer Season

Though it’s absolutely hot, the summer is a very exciting season because it’s the perfect time to spend time outside, possibly near the water, whether at the beach or pool. Let’s not forget all those fun weddings and BBQs with your nearest and dearest.

The higher temperatures associated with summer increases water loss which leads to dehydration. Heat also disrupts your skin’s moisture barrier, reducing its elasticity, which can contribute to the signs of aging.

Did you know that Botox can protect you from the negative effects of summer season? If this is the first time you have heard about it, here are the 5 reasons why Botox is your perfect summer treatment!

1.) Botox Outshines the Sunshine

Summer is a very much awaited time of the year. Everything around is beautiful as flowers start to bloom while the skies paint gorgeous colors. We all want to enjoy the beauty of our surroundings during summer, but doing so without protecting yourself from the harmful effects of the season can ruin your skin. Botox will make you shine by combating the premature aging signs of fine lines and look your best as its benefits will give you picture-perfect moments! 

2.) Botox Keeps You on the Go

You don’t have to suffer from days of being stuck at home and unable to do all the fun things you want because of post-procedure care, nor will you need extensive rest after you undergo an invasive treatment. Botox only uses a small injection into a specific muscle. Keep in mind that Botox has no downtime! You won’t even feel a lot of discomfort. So enjoy and bounce back to enjoying the things you fancy doing outdoors!

3.) Botox Won’t Keep You Hiding From the Sun 

On your summer getaways, don’t restrict yourself to staying indoors. Botox does not require you to be out of the sun, making it ideal for summer. Of course you should always wear your SPF to protect your investment in your skin! So no more hiding from the sun and enjoy yourself in the great outdoors!

4.) Botox Does Not Play The Waiting Game

When you have got your summer all planned out, you would not want a long procedure to get in the way. Botox injections are known for quick and easy treatments. It will only take a few minutes to perform and the results are visible within a week in and it is practically painless. 

5.) Botox Makes You Summer-Ready 

Botox injections have a one-of-a-kind formulation and are approved by the FDA. They make moderate to severe frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead lines disappear. You can expect to see effects as early as 3 to 4 days after receiving the treatment. Botox is a perfect way to jumpstart your summer just before hitting the beach or other out-of-town trips, making you summer-ready! 

Consider Botox Now!

Botox has many benefits, and you can enjoy summer better with its amazing effects of Botox. If you are looking for the best in Botox treatments The Couture Surgeon is here, and we have friendly team members who can assist you right away.

Consider Botox now and schedule your appointment with us today!

5 Reasons To Get Botox for Summer